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Position Statement:  I am concerned about North Koreas intentions for nuclear weapons.

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What country do they consider a threat? The history of aggression has to be considered. The growing threat to the U.S. indicates that our defense systems must continually improve as well as our offensive capabilities. With adequate defense capabilities it makes their intentions less important. China should be the country that steps up and makes them back down from unprovoked aggression. Hopefully, the situation will find a peaceful resolution.
North Korea breached the agreement provided under then President Clinton in the 90s. The agreement provided that money through economic aid was paid to North Korea in exchange for them not developing nuclear weapons. North Korea has openly confessed to continuing to develop nuclear weapons. Before any new agreements, the economic aid funds should be returned to the US. New agreements are now being considered for economic aid. No agreement should be presented without assurances that inspectors will have the right of access to any and all areas of North Korea. Leadership has already proven to be dishonest. Past aid was provided in good faith and North Korea took advantage of the opportunity. Care must be taken to not believe they will not repeat.

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