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Position Statement:  I support protecting our environment by eliminating harmful emissions

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Global warming is a very real and immediate danger. We have polluted our air, water and soil for too long. Immediate action is required if we are to save our world from disaster before it is too late. More frequent and devastating hurricanes, tidal waves, and earthquakes are all just the beginning of natural disasters we have brought upon ourselves. Natural disasters cost our economy Billions of dollars. Loss of life can have no price tag. We must act now. Tax incentives for hybrid energy sources for automobiles need to be increased. Tax credits for the use of alternate energy sources and for the research and development of these sources are needed.

I would like to see states reduce the sales tax imposed on alternate energy vehicles, or offer tax credits for their purchase. If we give tax credits and incentives, both on the state and federal levels the cost of these vehicles will become more affordable.

I believe the American people will chose to decrease our dependency on foreign oil and help to lower the price and help clean up our environment at the same time. If the price was the same or less, a CNN Poll showed most people would chose to depend less on gas prices with hybrid vehicles or alternate energy sources . The only people who would not want to do this are the oil producers getting rich at American s expense. God gave us dominion over this world and the abundant resources available, we have not done a very good job as stewards.

IT'S TIME to clean up the mess we have made because the longer we wait the higher the cost. To our economy and our citizens.

The United States must take the lead in eliminating not just reducing by 10% harmful emissions. As your Senator, I will fight to eliminate these emissions in a manner that is not harmful to our economy. Yes the cost will be high, but the cost of doing NOTHING will be much much higher. The U.S. Government cannot afford to continue to pay for damages caused by natural disasters. Especially, as the devastation and frequency of these disasters increase. The U.N. reports that 10 of the warmest years on record have occurred since 1990.

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