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Position Statement:  I support lowering our tax burden in West Virginia.

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I support lowering taxes in West Virginia. Did you know that West Virginians are ranked # 11 in the Nation for the HIGHEST tax burden on our citizens? ITS TIME we stopped paying higher taxes than our neighbors in Maryland, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Virginia. I support reducing taxes to our citizens on gasoline, sales and our small businesses. Businesses in border counties along Virginia are suffering as the State of Virginia has wisely lowered its sales tax causing our businesses to lose customers. Why should our state have one of the lowest per capita INCOME levels in the Nation, yet have one of the HIGHEST TAX BURDENS? I will work hard to lower the tax burden on our small business owners, so that they can compete, put people to work and build our tax base fairly.

ĻTied with Arkansas and Connecticut.

How tax-friendly is your state? --CNNMoney 4/11/2005

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