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Position Statement:  I love my ATV.

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Riding ATVs in a sensible manner using helmets and riding safety attire provides a great form of recreation to our residents. While riding an ATV can be a dangerous activity, most accidents can be avoided by using good common sense. Young people should take a riding safety course and all riders should avoid the use of alcohol or drugs. The vast majority of riders are aware of their limitations and ride accordingly.

I believe there are two primary problems with ATVs: First, some people will use the ATVs to trespass on private property. Trespassing on property where you do not have permission is a crime. The use of ATVs is not an excuse to travel onto property without the permission of the owner. Laws should protect property owner rights against unlawful trespassing and in no way should the property owner be held liable for injuries or damage that occurs on their property. If someone trespasses onto my property and then gets injured, why should I be held responsible? Second, some riders do not ride within their limitations, racing or riding over unfamiliar terrain at excessive speeds. This type of behavior in/on any type of vehicle will lead to accidents and possible death.

West Virginia is the BEST place in the Nation to ride ATVs. Our beautiful hills and valleys afford ideal terrain for the riding of ATVs. I believe we should promote the proper riding of these recreational vehicles on Ďapproved trailsí as a tourism benefit. The extra revenue this recreation could provide would help put our residents to work and expand our tax base to tourists and NOT our residents.

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