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Position Statement:  I wish Ralph Nader would stay out of politics.

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I am not sure what Mr. Nader wants to accomplish but his entering political elections doesnít seem to be popular. I would agree with his right to enter one election to promote his views and opinions but to enter another Presidential race, without a realistic chance of winning, would be detrimental to the political process. This is my own personal opinion and really has no bearing on the campaign. But in order for our citizens to understand my position I wanted to make my viewpoint clear.

I do support the right of ĎOther Political Party candidatesí to have access to the election process. The election system would better serve the American people if more candidates had the opportunity to run for office. The more choices we have, the better suited the candidates would need to be to gain office. I am not opposed to competition in my own campaign, in fact I welcome other Republican candidates to run. This gives our citizens the opportunity to select the best candidate. And, I intend to earn the trust of our citizens to be that candidate. But I also support reforms to make it easier for candidates to enter the race for all offices.

If I lose a close election I might run again, but if I lose by a large margin, who would benefit from my next campaign? Not the people I want to serve and not the Republican Party. It would be selfish to continue to run for an office I know I canít win. And I wonít do that. And Mr. Nader should follow the example of Mr. Ross Perot. Who after gaining a fairly large following deserves our respect for stepping out of the picture and not running. He promoted his agenda and then honored the will of the voters and moved on.

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