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Position Statement:  There is NO need for them.

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Recent research has new evidence that using opioids worked no better than over-the-counter drugs or nonopioids at reducing pain.

The Opioids do not work any better than less risky drugs so we should just eliminate their use. Take them off the market except for the rare cases where there is a need and then only provide in limited quantities. Take them off the market the danger evaporates.

In 2016 there were close to 42,000 deaths due to overdose of opioids, heroin and fentanyl. The risk of addiction is just too great. However, over-the-counter painkillers have side affects too. Ibuprofen increases risk for heart attacks. Tylenol can damage the liver. Best Solution is not to take any painkillers when at all possible.

Strong evidence from research studies indicate that physical therapy, exercise or rehab therapy works BEST FOR CHRONIC PAIN.
The solution to the Opioid crisis in West Virginia requires change to the Medicaid program. First, every Medicaid recipient should select the pharmacy of their choice. ALL prescriptions must go through that pharmacy exclusively. This is a NO COST SOLUTION that will eliminate the Doctor hopping and pharmacy hopping that allows multiple prescriptions. Second, is a national solution. Close the border. This will reduce the amount of heroin and fentanyl available and raise the cost. This will make it harder to obtain. And sine the vast majority of deaths are due to these, this will make it much harder to obtain. There are more solutions that I will share later.

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