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Position Statement:  I support the right to use natural supplements in the treatment or prevention of health conditions.

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One of the most controversial is Cannabis. Due to the recreational use and popularity among some it is a frequent topic. I believe people have the right to use marijuana if it can provide a benefit. As a Christian I do not promote the abuse of this or any substance. Alcohol in moderation vs marijuana in moderation what is the difference? To excess that is another story. Endangering others is a concern. Just like drunk driving is wrong, driving under the influence of marijuana is wrong.

As an Optometric Physician I don`t expect to Prescribe marijuana for the treatment of conditions such as Glaucoma until there is evidence of consistent and proper control.

When the government gets involved users can expect TAXATION and OVER-REGULATION. If marijuana is legalized I believe the people should have the right to grow their own. Most likely this won`t be popular with the politicians who will see this as a tax revenue source they can exploit.

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Please tell me your constructive opinions on this issue. If you disagree with my position, please provide some facts that support your position. I welcome all comments that are provided in a constructive and informative manner.
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