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Position Statement:  I believe our children should be able to hear both ‘theories'. The vast majority of Americans still believe in Creation even though the Public Schools have been trying to indoctrinate our children for decades. I believe God created the Heavens and the Earth.

Description of Position: 
I believe that any textbook which does not include both sides of this ‘great debate’ is wrong. An education without Creation is denying the existence of God. That is censorship based on someone’s personal beliefs and not facts. An education without Evolution could be considered forcing Religion on our children. Our children should have both sides of this ‘great debate’ so they can decide for themselves.

Science continues to be proven wrong. A 400 million year old ‘extinct’ fish is found alive in the Amazon….. I believe God created the world and it has been evolving ever since. Some evolution principles are probably true. But to deny that this world was created in an orderly fashion would be difficult to prove. I welcome proof for any of these arguments.

I support the teaching of both ‘theories’ in our public education system. So our children can decide for themselves which to believe is most accurate. Otherwise, we are denying our children an education, and instead brainwashing them into believing what someone wants them to believe. As a Christian I am confident in our children enough to allow them both theories so they can make an informed decision. Are evolutionists that confident? Or are they afraid to present both sides? An education should provide students with the knowledge and tools to make informed decisions. How can our children make informed decisions without both sides of the argument presented side by side? Having some children get Creation at Church and Evolution at school tears down the very trust our education system should build. Our Constitution was written based on Religious Freedoms, without Creation in our schools our education system denies the basic rights of our Constitution.

Until either theory provides the proof necessary to convince the others, both sides should be presented for our children’s education. Providing a theory based on God creating the world is not forcing religion on anyone. It is merely providing them with the options available that do actually exist in our world. But until that time comes, I will continue to educate my children on the proper theory at home so they won’t be fooled by the wrong one taught at school. Sometimes an education is learning that what you are being told is wrong. Isn’t that a shame it happens everyday in our schools?

I believe in Creation.

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