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Are Events that Mimic Biblical Prophecies just a Coincidence or a Sign of What’s to come?

Are planetary alignments and celestial fireworks near Saturn, wonders in the sky foretold by Jesus Christ, or just happenstance? Is Israel’s recent isolation, with the loss of Egyptian and Turkish cooperation, and Iran’s growth and relations with Moscow, precursors of the battle of Gog and Magog foretold in the Bible? Is America’s decline in international standing, financial and military super power status the result of political ineptness or part of prophecy leading to the second coming of Jesus Christ?

The book of RevelationMany debate that the Bible is just a book of myths, with moral stories on both sides of the ledger. However, with archaeology, history and science corroborating the Bible, is it logical to think these findings were just pure luck and the rest is false? Or could it be that the pages of this ancient text hold the actual words of God, with truth and warnings we must accept or ignore at our own peril?

Dr. Zane Lawhorn, author of Countdown to the Kingdom: Our Hope Grows, documents what prophecies have already come true and which are still to come.  The Bible is either entirely true or entirely false. So far, it's been proven true. Can you chance not knowing?

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Countdown to the Kingdom: Our Hope Grows

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Rave Reviews for 'Countdown to the Kingdom'

  • This is a very timely book for all those who wish to be informed of the prophetic times in which we are living.  I am not a biblical scholar of prophesy, although I have been attempting to understand much of it,  Countdown to the Kingdom represents a very thoughtful analysis of biblical prophesy, listing each prophetic occurrence that takes place, either in the past, or sometime in the future.  There is no mention of the "...Being called up", (or the rapture, if you prefer),  so there is no cause for disagreement on that issue. I believe Dr. Lawhorn has done a great job in laying out the basics of prophetic end times in a easy to understand volume.

    A. J. Miley
  • Zane’s book describes the series of events that tells the world to get ready for the Revelation of Christ.  He has a ‘Daniel talent Wisdom’ in that his discovery of heavenly secrets come from earthly signs.  God is revealing prophecy to us and Zane’s books helps us to understand the events.

    Hazel Hagerman, Lindside WV
  • Just finished reading Dr. Zane Lawhorn's book "Countdown to the Kingdom" and I honestly could not put it down and read it in one  evening....it was that good!! Dr. Lawhorn takes us through the darkest days for mankind with his insightful depiction of our global chaos....(all biblical accounts) yet leaves us with hope and comfort if we only accept Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior!!!

    Pat Tolley, Princeton WV
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